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 ♦ Foot Massage

 A treatment based on the principles of basic reflexology and a mixture of foot relaxation using blended aroma oil together with lemongrass massage cream and Thai herbal pain reliever balm. Controlled pressure is applied to various zones on the feet till your calves and knees using the thumbs, fingers and palm. It helps to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. 

  Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 Mins


 ♦ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage

 If you work in an office and sits more than minimum 2 hours continuously infront of a desktop screen, if you have a stiff neck and shoulder, tension, knots, office syndrome related pains, this is the treatment you need. A 40 minutes head, neck and shoulder massage session helps to release the tight and stiffness of the tensed muscles below your head.

 Duration: 40 Mins


  Thai Traditional Massage

 Thai Traditional Massage is created to increase flexibility, improve circulation and to balance the body. On a firm massage bed and wearing clothes (provided by the spa), you will be gently moved to various positions. Thus allowing the body’s internal energy to flow more freely. It is a dry massage. 

 Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 Mins


 ♦ Aromatherapy (Aroma Massage)

 The relaxing properties of the selected essential oils that accompany the long relaxing therapeutic stokes make this an awesome overall mind clearing and well being massage.

 Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 Mins


 ♦ Deep Tissue Massage / Sport Massage

 A great therapeutic treatment which focuses on muscular tension due to athletic activities or stress-related works.

 Duration: 90 / 120 Mins


 ♦ Hot Herbal Compress Massage

 A traditional Thai Medicinal treatment using a fragrant poultice of herbs which have been heated to a comfortable temperature. Applied directly to different parts of the body which will provide a nurturing and penetrative effect.

 Duration: 90 Mins


♦ Aromatic - Thai Massage

 A combination of Aromatic Oil Massage and Thai Traditional Massage is performed by specialized and well-trained therapists to assist in re-balancing of body and mind with an exclusive blend of warm essential aromatic oil of your choice to help you reach a sense of relaxation.

 Duration: 90 Mins