What's On?



Greetings from V-VA!

We would like to thank all our valued guests, loyal members and new customers who appreciates our services and gives us all the wonderful feedbacks and compliments.

This month, we have added more massage treatments, packages and many more unique menus which you wouldn't find in an ordinary Day Spa!

Please allow us to introduce the following menus to you:

♦ Our Signature Massage: The V-VA Ayurvedic Half Body Therapy (90 Mins)

♦ Aromatic - Thai Massage: The combination of Traditional Thai Massage using blended Aroma oil which allows you to feel even more relax. (90 mins)

♦ Ayurveda Foot Massage:
Foot Reflexology massage using warm Aroma oil together with the lemongrass massage cream from your feet, calves and knees. (60 Mins)

♦ Ayurveda Back Massage: Whole back massage using warm Aroma oil. (40 Mins)

♦ Ayurveda Full Body Massage (Abhyanga): Whole body massage using warm Aroma oil. (90 mins)

Healing Recipe Package: One hour of Indian Head Massage followed by Ayurveda Foot Massage. (120 Mins)


Mix & Match Package (150 Mins): Foot or Thai Massage for 60 mins, Indian head massage or Ayurveda Back massage for 30 mins and then choose a spa treatment (hand&foot, hair or a facial treatment) for 60 mins.

♦ Jetlag Reviver (150 Mins): A must for travelers!

♦ Bridal Bliss (220 Mins): Bride-to-be, are you ready?